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Help with IRS Tax Problems

If you’ve received a tax notice, IRS letter, audit notice, or other tax correspondence from the IRS, a state agency, or a local agency, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Few things evoke more fear than receiving a notice from the IRS. We frequently represent clients with IRS penalties, interest, and taxes due, and we can help you, too.

We act as your representative in front of federal, state and local agencies to help resolve your issue in a timely manner with as little stress as possible. Professional representation can be vital during an audit, and our experience with tax authorities enables us to guide you through your situation with ease and expertise.

If you are ready to get caught up on your unpaid taxes, we are here for you. We can help you relieve that huge psychological burden so you feel lighter and free from all that stress. We have also worked on items such as IRS Offers in Compromise and Penalty Abatements.

Complimentary Consultation

Our trained and certified tax professionals work diligently to find the best outcome we can on your tax issues. Please feel free to call or email us at no obligation to confidentially discuss your tax problem and how we can help.