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Is Your Business an SSTB? (And Why Do You Care?)

QBI, 199A, SSTB—these are just a few of the new acronyms being tossed around as part of the recent business tax reform changes (like we don’t already have enough of them to remember!). Out of all the terminology, “SSTB” (Specified Service Trade or Business) seems to be

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High Income Wages: How & Why the Amount Will Affect Your Tax Return

More and more taxpayers are having deductions and credits either limited or completely disallowed, or additional taxes assessed, because of the level of their adjusted gross income (AGI). AGI is your income minus qualified deductions, i.e. alimony, student loan interest. Check the list below to see if

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The New 20% Small Business Deduction

There is a brand new 20% small business deduction that everyone is talking about. In the tax and legal professions, it’s fondly know at Section 199A. Here are some facts about this deduction: The Basics All pass-thru entities, such as Sole Proprietors, S-corporations and Partnerships that qualify

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Tax Changes Affecting Small Businesses

In 2018, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act entered into effect. Though this act was primarily billed as helping large corporations, it also made changes relevant to small and mid-sized businesses. For small business owners, these tax law changes are best countered by planning ahead for the year

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2018 Tax Law Changes for Businesses: Understanding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

With the largest tax law update in over 30 years, navigating the course with the new laws can be confusing.  Businesses need to be aware of these changes and consult with their tax professional to get advice so they can be knowledgeable of their options and plan

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Earned Income Credit – IRS Gives Free Money to Certain Taxpayers

I want free money!!  How do I get it?  Back in 1975, Congress approved this Earned Income Credit (EIC) to provide an incentive to working taxpayers.  To qualify, you must meet certain requirements. To receive earned income credit you must have earned income from employment (W-2), self-employment

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2018 Tax Law Changes: Understanding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

In this article, we’ll share some of the highlights of the tax changes for 2018 as they relate to individuals. Use this as a type of checklist, and feel free to contact us on any point so we can provide additional details as to how it might

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Converting Your Home to a Rental

Sometimes there are economic reasons why people convert their personal residence to a rental.  Maybe they are not able to sell the home.  Or, their family has been downsized due to kids leaving or a divorce.  Or, maybe health or financial reasons will motivate this change.  First,

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Is Your Business Considered a Hobby by the IRS?

Very frequently tax preparers are asked to provide clarification on IRS rules that they heard from a friend, neighbor or colleague. Usually some part of the statement is true; however, there is always more to the story or it may not apply to that person’s specific situation.

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Gift Taxes: Do They Matter to You?

Clothing. A gold watch. A $100 gift certificate in a greeting card. These are some of the types of gifts that most of us give to others, and let’s face it – with gifts like that, the majority of us won’t ever need to worry about filing

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