Add Security to Your Tax Filings: Obtain an Identity Protection PIN

If you are the victim of identity theft or wish to add a layer of security to your future IRS filings, you can request an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) from the IRS. This security feature for taxpayers will prevent someone else from using your Social Security number to fraudulently file a tax return on your behalf.

How To Request an Identity Protection PIN

There are three ways you can acquire an IP PIN from the IRS:

Online—request an IP PIN online through the IRS website. The process will include creating an account with and validating your identity. Requesting an IP PIN can typically be done from January through November.

Paper Application—if your income is below $73,000 for individuals or $146,000 for joint filers, you have a valid Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification number, and you have access to a telephone or can provide a phone number, you may complete Form 15227, Application for an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number. You can find this form here –

During the processing phase, the IRS will contact you at the number provided on the form and will verify your identity. After successful verification, the IRS will mail the IP PIN within 4-6 weeks.

In-Person Authentication—if you can’t verify your identity online or with Form 15227 (or are ineligible to file Form 15227 due to income level), you can make an in-person appointment at your local Taxpayer Assistance Center. Start here:

Be certain to bring a current government-issued identification document (must have a picture) as well as a secondary form of identification. After successful verification, the IRS will mail the IP PIN within 4-6 weeks.

FAQs about IP PINs

  • An IP PIN is valid for one year. A new PIN is generated annually for your account.
  • If not received in the mail, you can retrieve your IP PIN online through the IRS website. Alternately, you can call 800-908-4490 to have your IP PIN reissued.

The IP PIN must be used when filing federal tax returns during the year. This includes prior year returns filed in the year that the IP PIN is valid.

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